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Coin vs. Card Equipment

Coin vs. Card Equipment There are many pros and cons to using coin or card systems in your laundry room. Lets take a look at what some of those are below. Coin System Pros: 1. Equipment is cheaper to purchase. 2. Better commission splits or bonuses from laundry vendors. 3. Don’t have to purchase a…

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Leasing Equipment vs. Owning your own

Leasing Equipment vs. Owning your own It’s a common myth that owning your own laundry equipment is much more profitable than using a vendor. Lets look at all the reasons why you should choose a professional vendor like Washtek to handle your laundry room. 1. Economies of scale: Laundry vendors specialize in one task, making…

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Strategies for your Success

Strategies for your Success Vend Pricing-what price do you charge your residents to do their laundry? One of the biggest mistakes we see is when an owner of a property is over-charging their residents for the use of their on-site laundry equipment. There is a fine line when determining what to charge your residents. Most…

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